Freshpet Reviews – Letters

If you’re a pet parent wondering whether Freshpet is right for your pet why not have a look at some of the letters we’ve received? Pet parents talk about Freshpet products on a number of different platforms, including on our Freshpet Facebook page.
Lets take a look at what other pet parents are saying about Freshpet.

Freshpet Reviews – Letters

We have been searching and searching for a food that our Chihuahua could eat and would enjoy. He only has a couple of teeth left so it’s difficult for him to eat hard food. We wanted to get away from fillers and buy him “good” dog food. After reading reviews on other sites, I decided to buy him some of your Freshpet Select. Chicken is his favorite so I bought him one of the little tubs. Going on 4 months or more of eating your product and he LOVES it!! Never turns it down, gobbles it up and looks for more! We are SO happy with your product! No more fillers and artificial flavors for our little guy! Peanut gives it 2 paws up! :)

Reading Freshpet Dog Food Reviews such as this one fills our hearts with joy. After all, the very inspiration behind the creation of Freshpet was to provide pet parents with a product which was healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. This includes Peanut, who was in need of softer food. We’re thrilled to hear that your little one enjoys his Freshpet food so much.

We travel a lot with our two dogs, and although I enjoy cooking for them, it’s not always possible. Freshpet allows my dogs to have a fresh meal made with real foods, and it’s easily found at many stores no matter where our adventures take us. They get excited for mealtime, something they never did with dry kibble. Chicken, veggies, and rice are great for their sensitive tummies. Plus, the containers fit easily into RV fridges or hotel room fridges.

All parents know that travelling with pets can be difficult. Pets have a wide variety of needs, and travelling can stress them out. One of the comforts that they rely on is that they’ll still be getting good food to eat. After all, meal time is one of their favorite times of the day. Freshpet products are packaged in easy to use containers which can be transported and stored. These products can also be resealed so that they stay fresh. We’re glad to hear that Freshpet can be of service when you and your family are out on your adventures.

it is so hard to find dog food puppies food that does not have red dyes, they could be potentially dangerous for my dog. I’ve seen all the Freshpet Select commercials and after a few months I actually tried it out. the moment I pulled out of a package it looks almost like a human could eat it. after putting it in my dogs who dis she ate it right up. with no artificial additives and preservatives and no harmful dyes, Freshpet has won mine and my puppy’s heart.

Freshpet Dog Food is meticulously prepared using only fresh ingredients. All of our Freshpet dog food products are made using fresh vegetables grown in the United States along with meats and poultry which have been domestically reared. None of our products have fillers, preservatives, harmful dyes, or chemicals. We believe that the quality of the food that we feed our pets is important. That’s why Freshpet products are made up to the same standards as human food. In fact, if you visit our YouTube or Freshpet Facebook page, you’ll see that Freshpet products are even good enough for humans to eat.

Dear Freshpet,
We have an 18 year-old cat that we rescued from her stray cat life at a Fairfield Inn, Cleveland, OH. Thus her name, Fairfield. My grandfather was passing away at a local Cleveland hospital and he always tuned in to the Wednesday “Adopt A Pet” portion of the local news. We knew we needed to do something and talked to the Inn manager. Fairfield had apparently been hanging around for a few weeks and was surviving on Slim Jims from Inn guests. The manager had tried to get someone to adopt, but no luck. We immediately went to a nearby pet store to get food and a carrier. We got her in the carrier, into our backseat, and drove 700 miles home to NH. This skinny feline adapted well to her new forever home and gained weight. A little too much in one area. She gave birth to five boys: one all black, two gray tabbies, one solid gray, and an orange tabby. We found forever homes with great families for them and kept Fairfield. She has been a wonderful, healthy cat, but we noticed recently that her fur was nappy and unkempt. She wasn’t able to make it up the stairs as she used to.. We tried to deduce the problem. She wasn’t eating her hard kibble and we thought it might be because it aggravated her teeth/gums. I remembered an ad on tv I saw for Freshpet and a light bulb went off. I purchased a bag of your product and she took to it immediately. Within a week, her fur, disposition, and flights up and down the stairs improved exponentially. She is constantly bugging us to feed her. I feel very grateful to your company for this great cat food. We have our cat back and hopefully for a long time to come. All of our cats have made it into their twenties in human years. I constantly sing your praises to my four-legged friend owners and they and their pets love it too! Thank you so much. Sincerely,
Jennifer K. Hodge

Reading letters like this one is the reason why we do what we do. Freshpet Reviews such as this one are an excellent way for us to hear about pet parents’ experiences with our products and see how pets are responding to Freshpet. It makes us incredibly happy to hear that Fairfield took to Freshpet so well and her health has improved exponentially. It’s these real-life examples which illustrate the importance of fresh foods for pets that are made with natural ingredients. Fresh foods are essential to the health and longevity of our lovable four legged companions.

Spooky My best and most loyal friend for 14 years has been running out of energy in his old age, and stopped eating for 10 days straight. no matter what…My old Black Lab just wouldn’t eat Until I introduced Him to FRESHPET SELECT! Now, He once again looks forward to meals, and has increased energy levels and improved health which I noticed within 72 hours after His first Meal of FreshPet! AMAZING! It actually looks good enough to eat Myself ! Now, It’s ALL I’LL FEED HIM until his final breath because Honestly…I’m sure that if not for starting My 14 1/2 year old friend “Spooky” on FRESHPET SELECT…He’d have likely passed away some time next week, I have NO DOUBT THIS PRODUCT SAVED MY DOGS LIFE and renewed His tired old spirit to hang out a while longer! I LOVE MY DOG, AND I LOVE THIS PRODUCT ! THANKS FRESHPET !

Pet Fresh foods are great for dogs of all ages. Older dogs like Spooky are especially in need of foods which are made from natural, fresh ingredients in order to boost their health and energy. Commercially manufactured pet foods which are loaded with preservatives, chemicals, and fillers can be harmful to your dogs’ health and can weigh them down. That’s why Freshpet makes pet foods which are loaded with the best ingredients, nutrients, and vitamins. We care about your pets’ wellbeing, and we are thrilled that Spooky is doing well after eating Freshpet foods.

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